No hunger, a warm basket in winter, a bone to chew and a dozen toys to play with, doctor’s treatments if necessary and receiving lots of love. This isn’t the case for the many street dogs in Macedonia.

Street dogs in Macedonia have a very hard life. They suffer from hunger, illness and bad injuries. Many dogs die a terrible, painful dead by people who poison them. For a lot of people these dogs don’t matter, others don’t care enough to make a change. Macedonia is a beautiful country, but still has a long way to go to become a place where dogs are safe and taken care of.

Animal World Struga is a much needed initiative from Beti Shej. She started helping street dogs more than 10 years ago. Today almost 200 dogs live with her. Together with her parents, Abdula and Anastasija, she takes care of sick, injured dogs, and motherless puppies. Also the dogs who cannot live with her are not forgotten and are fed daily. Beti and her parents are very passionate to create better lives and futures for the dogs. This means every day hard work, starting at 5 in the morning. The dogs rely on them.

Sadly there is no help from the government. Animal World Struga has to depend on donations. So besides hard physical work, there are constant financial worries. Will there be enough money to take care of so many dogs? Will there be enough food?

Fortunately Beti and her parents are unstoppable. Thanks to them over 100 dogs are already adopted and got an amazing life. This success, and the love they receive from their furry friends give them the energy to continue their great work. Here at animalworldstruga.com you get an impression of this huge job and of course you meet the main characters: the dogs (and cats!) of Animal World Struga.